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Customer Experience Management (5 cr)

Code: YL00CN95-3002

General information


21.11.2022 - 15.01.2023


23.02.2023 - 31.05.2023

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Virtual portion

5 op

Mode of delivery

Distance learning


Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management (LAB)



Teaching languages

  • Finnish

Degree programmes

  • Master’s Degree Programme in Business Administration, Customer Oriented Business Development


  • Mika Tonder

Scheduling groups

  • Verkkoluento (Size: 0. Open UAS: 0.)



Small groups

  • Verkkoluento 1

Learning outcomes

The student is able to
- define the terminology, uses and significance of the customer experience for businesses.
- build a holistic understanding of companies’ customers and opportunities.
- define and describe company's customer path for different customer groups.
- form a measurable overall picture of the customer experience process.

Implementation and methods of teaching

Web implementation. Contact lessons: lessons are streamed and available as recorded videos afterwards. Study material and assignments are distributed on the course's Moodle platform. Independent assignment.

Learning material and recommended literature

Study material and literature available / announced in Moodle.

Working life cooperation

Personal assignment for an organization

Learning environment

Moodle platform, online-meeting channels


The course introduces the elements of the customer experience as well as key concepts and models. The course uses the strategic perspective of the customer path, which includes points of contact, the development of the customer experience in a multi-channel environment. Own business case as an exercise where what is learned is applied.

Additional information for students: previous knowledge etc.

No previous courses are required.

Assessment criteria

The overall grade consists of the combined effect of all aspects of the course.

Assessment scale


Failed (0)

The student has not achieved the learning objectives set for the course or the tasks are missing.

Assessment criteria: level 1 (assessment scale 1–5)

The student masters the learning objectives set for the course satisfactorily. He / she masters the basic concepts and is able to apply learning in practice at a satisfactory level.

Assessment criteria: level 3 (assessment scale 1–5)

The student masters the learning objectives set for the course well. He masters concepts and mills at a good level and is able to apply them well in practice.

Assessment criteria: level 5 (assessment scale 1–5)

The student masters the learning objectives set for the course admirably. He masters concepts and models at a commendable level and is able to apply them in practice commendably.