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Summer School / Co-designing Better Urban Living and Wellbeing (5 cr)

Code: LA00BU32-3003

General information


09.02.2023 - 26.04.2023


29.05.2023 - 09.06.2023

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Mode of delivery

Contact teaching


Faculty of Technology (LAB)


Lahti Campus

Teaching languages

  • Finnish


20 - 80

Degree programmes

  • Complementary competence and optional courses, Masters
  • Summer studies
  • Complementary competence and optional courses, Bachelors


  • Eeva Aarrevaara
  • Paul Carroll
  • Alexandra Maksheeva

Scheduling groups

  • Luennot (Size: 0. Open UAS: 0.)


    Master's Degree Programme in Urban Climate and Sustainability (MUrCS) 23K Lahti

Small groups

  • Lecture

Learning outcomes

• use professional concepts consistently and to be capable to discuss and communicate professional issues in interdisciplinary and international group
• take account the nature and urban environment as a resource of health and wellbeing

• analyze the initial situation and the needs of a client or a business partner
• present alternative solutions and adapt the professional skills to the service design of the work life partner
• choose suitable methods and explain the reasons for these solutions
• Present the results in a written article by collaborating with international student team

Team work
• act with situational awareness
• plan and arrange the activities with the ethical principles of one’s own professional field
• organize interdisciplinary and international team work according to team’s professional goals

Suitable for Bachelor and Master degree students interested in working in international and multidisciplinary teams, which co-design in urban living and wellbeing settings.

Implementation and methods of teaching

Interdisciplinary team work student brings the know-how from own study field and implements it in the case study in international student team using out of the box thinking.
Student learns how to look and do ideation process of design of new service or product from the new perspective.
In the end the teams prepare a presentation of the project results.
This is a perfect way to experience the strength and effectiveness of international, interdisciplinary, and from the first Bachelor year to the last Master year students' teams.
The group of international teachers coach and teach the teams.

Timing and attendance

Before the intensive period a written preliminary assignment. Compulsory online session on 17th of May from 12 am to 3 pm (Finnish time).
International intensive program May 29 – June 9, 2023 on site in Lahti.
Both weeks from Monday till Friday full day program. Presence required every day.

Learning material and recommended literature

Introduced in Moodle and in intensive period.

Alternative completion methods

Not available.

Working life cooperation

International and interdisciplinary student teams work with real work life cases or projects introduced by different clients..

Learning environment

Contact lectures and team work is arranged in the campus. Site visits are included to the programme. Learning materials and courseworks are available in Moodle.

Student time use and work load

The course requires full time participation during the intensive course.


- Main theme in 2023: Planetary health
- Interdisciplinary and international team work
- Urban living Environment - resource for health and wellbeing
- Urban development
- Ecosystem services
- Co-Design
- Developmental project work
- Participatory methods
- Nature empowerment
Lectures, workshops, site visits
Project work supervised by teachers and clients
Time together in the Finnish nature

Assessment criteria

100% attendance requirement
Active participation in lectures, workshops and project assignment.

Assessment scale


Failed (0)

Requirements not fulfilled.