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Research-based development (5 cr)

Code: LA00BQ05-3004

General information


15.08.2022 - 04.09.2022


06.10.2022 - 18.12.2022

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Virtual portion

5 op

Mode of delivery

Distance learning


Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management (LAB)


E-campus, Lahti

Teaching languages

  • English


0 - 50

Degree programmes

  • Master's Degree Programme in Business Administration, International Tourism and Event Management


  • Ville Sarpo

Scheduling groups

  • Luennot 1 (Size: 1. Open UAS: 0.)


    Master's Degree Programme of Business Administration, International Tourism and Event Management 22SV Lahti

Small groups

  • Lectures 1

Learning outcomes

The student is able to
- plan a workplace-oriented research-based development project.
- use different methods of workplace development.
- use research data in workplace development.

Implementation and methods of teaching

Online teaching with three intensive days. The teaching will consist of lecturing and interaction with the students. Students will also have the opportunity to present their work to others.

Timing and attendance

The schedule of the course is as follows:

Thursday October 6th 2022 at 9.15--16.00
Thursday November 3rd 2022 at 9.15-16.00
Thursday November 24th 2022 at 9.15-16.00

Attendance is very highly recommended. Absences might lead to being dropped off from the course.

Learning material and recommended literature

The following book will be used during the lectures:
Saunders, M. N. K., Lewis, P. & Thornhill, A. 2019 Research methods for business students. 8th edition. New York, Pearson.

It is not obligatory for the students to obtain the book. Additional material (articles, reports, etc.) will be made available through Moodle.

Learning environment

The course will use Moodle for distributing information and students will return assignments there as well.

Student time use and work load

5 ECTS equals to 135 hours of work. Total number of lecture hours is 21 hours. Students are expected to do roughly 114 hours of individual work.


The following topics will be discussed during the lectures:
- Research objectives and questions
- Research design
- Research methodology
- Data collection
- Analysis
- Writing

One of the main assignments is developing one's research plan to its fullest potential.

Assessment criteria

Students complete a total of 3 assignments, each is worth 1/3 of the grade. All assignments must be passed in order to pass the course.

Assessment scale


Failed (0)

Failing to reach the level of 1 according to the evaluation criteria.

Assessment criteria: level 1 (assessment scale 1–5)

Student is able to understand the basics related to developing a research topic and processes related to it. Student is able to write a research plan and present it.

Assessment criteria: level 3 (assessment scale 1–5)

Student is able to develop a study that uses qualitative and/or quantitative research methods. Student is able to write a research plan and develop it further.

Assessment criteria: level 5 (assessment scale 1–5)

Student can justify her/his choices regarding the selection of research methods with rigor. Student is able to gain feedback on the research plan and develop it according to the feedback. The end product will contain all necessary components. Student is able to justify the need for doing the research by citing previous research.