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English Pronunciation (1 cr)

Code: KIEN0018-19004

General information


21.11.2022 - 06.02.2023


13.03.2023 - 30.04.2023

Number of ECTS credits allocated

1 op

Virtual portion

1 op

Mode of delivery

Distance learning


Faculty of Technology (LAB)



Teaching languages

  • English


0 - 45

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Sustainable Solutions Engineering


  • Riitta Gröhn

Scheduling groups

  • Lecture (Size: 0. Open UAS: 0.)



Small groups

  • Lecture

Learning outcomes

Students are able to pronounce English clearly and easily.

Implementation and methods of teaching

Students will study the course material independently and submit assignments through Moodle. The students will be required to record their own speech.

Timing and attendance

Online course, no attendance requirements or scheduled lessons.

Learning material and recommended literature

All of the study material is provided by the teacher through Moodle.

Alternative completion methods


Learning environment

Online independent learning through Moodle.

Student time use and work load

1 ECTS equals 27 hours of work. The course assignments can be submitted at any time during the duration of the course, and the students may set their own deadlines. Grading takes place on specific weeks throughout the semester.


• Phonetic features of English
• Syllable stress
• Sentence stress
• Intonation
• Dialects.

Additional information for students: previous knowledge etc.

There are no prerequisites for the course. The assumed level of proficiency is B2 according to the Common European Framework.

Assessment criteria

Assessment will take place on a scale of pass/fail. The students need to complete all of the required assignments satisfactorily in order to pass the course.

Assessment scale


Assessment criteria: assessment scale failed/approved

The student has reached the objectives of the course, has completed all of the required assignments to satisfaction and masters the contents of the course on an acceptable level.