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Multi- and media literacy in early childhood education (3 cr)

Code: AV00CT15-3001

General information


27.09.2022 - 11.11.2022

Number of ECTS credits allocated

3 op

Mode of delivery

Contact teaching


Faculty of Health Care and Social Services (LAB)

Teaching languages

  • Finnish

Degree programmes

  • Open studies, social and health care


  • Minna Markkanen



Learning outcomes

The student is able to:
- interpret and evaluate media: analyzes media content, understands the effects of media, uses media as a source of information, and evaluates and develops own media skills
- produce media as a means of creative expression, influence, communication, and evaluates and develops own media production skills
- operate in a media environment safely, responsible, and conducive to well-being and good interaction

Implementation and methods of teaching

Online learning in Moodle. 3 x 3 h workshops in Zoom.

Timing and attendance

Online learning in Moodle 3.10.-11.11.2022.
Zoom workshops: 6.10., 20.10., 1.11. klo 12.00-15.00

Learning material and recommended literature

Learningmaterials are in Moodle.

Working life cooperation

Learning assignments in own work in early childhood education.

Learning environment

Moodle online learning environment 3.10.-11.11.2022.
Three online workshops in Zoom (3 x 3 h).

Student time use and work load

1 ects is 27 h, 3 ects is 81 h studyng in Moodle including Zoom online workshops.


Media interpretation and evaluation: interpretation of media content, understanding media effects, media as a source of information, me as a media user. Producing media: creative expression, influencing, conveying information, me as a media producer. Operations in media environments: safety, responsibility, well-being and good interaction

Additional information for students: previous knowledge etc._peppi

No further digital competencies needed.

Assessment criteria

The course assignments are evaluated in Moodle on a pass/fail criteria, where the pass grade corresponds to level H3. Accepted performance requires participation in online workshops.

Assessment scale


Assessment criteria: assessment scale failed/approved

Passed performance requires the student to be able to interpret and evaluate media: interpret media content, understand the effects of media, use media as a source of information and evaluate and develop their own media use skills. The student knows how to produce media as a means of creative expression, influence, information transmission, and evaluates and develops his own media production skills. He knows how to work in a media environment safely, responsibly and supporting well-being and good interaction.