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VR/XR/AR for Design (5 cr)

Code: AM00CF06-3001

General information


01.07.2022 - 04.09.2022


05.09.2022 - 16.12.2022

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Mode of delivery

Contact teaching


Institute of Design and Fine Arts (LAB)


Lahti Campus

Teaching languages

  • English


0 - 24

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Industrial Design


  • Juho Hartikainen
  • Virtuaaliopettaja LAB_virtuaaliopettaja_TEMU_01

Teacher in charge

Anu Akkanen

Scheduling groups

  • Luennot 1 (Size: 25. Open UAS: 0.)



Small groups

  • Luennot 1

Learning outcomes

The students are able to
- define the concepts of VR (Virtual Reality), XR (eXtended Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) and to discuss the application possibilities of these and other comparable technologies
- to design solutions in which XR/AR technologies and methods support user experience, learning, marketing communication or other customer needs.

Implementation and methods of teaching

Nine full-day contact sessions;
personal & group work assignments;
XR concept design & development project

Timing and attendance

Fri 14 Oct – Thu 15 Dec: weekly contact sessions Thu / Fri 10:15 – 16:45 (autumn break on 24–30 Oct, week 43).
80% attendance required. Absence is compensated with extra assignments.

Learning material and recommended literature

Bailenson, Jeremy. 2019. Experience on Demand: What Virtual Reality Is, How It Works, and What It Can Do.
Fink, Charlie. 2018. Charlie Fink's Metaverse - An AR Enabled Guide to AR & VR.
Jerald, Jason. 2015. The VR Book: Human-Centered Design for Virtual Reality.
Lanier, Jaron. 2017. Dawn of the New Everything: Encounters with Reality and Virtual Reality.

Working life cooperation

Possible assignments from RDI projects or business clients.

Learning environment

Contact sessions at M19_A260, M19_B207, M19_C237, M19_C212.
Moodle, Google Workspace, Zoom.

Student time use and work load

Fri 14 Oct – Thu 15 Dec = ca. 9 weeks & autumn break.
5 ECTS academic credits = ca. 135 hours of study.
50% contact session attendance = ca. 7 h / week.
50% independent personal & group work assignments = ca. 7 h / week.


This course explores the cross-disciplinary problem space of extended reality (XR) that includes virtual, augmented and mixed realities (VR/AR/MR), and how it relates to various aspects of design.

Additional information for students: previous knowledge etc.

This course is part of the compulsory core studies for second-year bachelor's degree students of industrial design.

Assessment scale