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International Intensive Week: CC Art Festival (5 cr)

Code: AL00CQ06-3007

General information


21.11.2022 - 08.01.2023


24.03.2023 - 31.05.2023

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Virtual portion

3 op

Mode of delivery

40 % Contact teaching, 60 % Distance learning


Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management (LAB)


Lahti Campus

Teaching languages

  • English

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Hospitality Management, Tourism and Event Management
  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Business
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Packaging and Brand Design
  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in Service Design
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Industrial Design
  • Bachelor's Degree Programme in International Business
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Wearable Design
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
  • Complementary competence and optional courses, Bachelors


  • Heikki Saros
  • Taina Orpana

Scheduling groups

  • Workshop (Size: 0. Open UAS: 0.)
  • Independent groupwork (additional reservation - not mandatory) (Size: 0. Open UAS: 0.)
  • Kampuksen ryhmätyötilat (Size: 0. Open UAS: 0.)
  • Hotelli (Size: 0. Open UAS: 0.)



Small groups

  • Workshop
  • Independent groupwork (additional reservation - not mandatory)
  • Campus teamwork spaces
  • Hotelli

Learning outcomes

This is an international intensive week primarily aimed at business students.

Implementation and methods of teaching

CC Art Festival is an intensive course focused on planning and executing an art event art in small study groups (6 per team). Objective is develop student's abilities to work and communicate in multidisciplinary and international teams.

The course contains in total of 7 workshops divided in weeks 13, 16 and 17. Course culminates in week 19, when the planned art events are executed in Lahti campus. During the physical intensive week the group is familiarized to Lahti and surrounding areas.

The students come from Finland, Austria, Germany and Belgium. Group is consisted of business and design students. Students have the opportunity to lodge at the Lahti campus during the intensive week in a cardboard hotel.

Course is open for 5 business and 5 institute of design students. After the registration in Peppi, the applicants receive an enrollment survey on which base the student selection is done.

Timing and attendance


Assessment scale