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Liiketalouden koulutus (ylempi AMK), Liiketoiminta ja uudistava johtaminen (2016, 2017), Tradenomi (ylempi AMK): 90 ECTS
Master of Business Administration

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Degree title and level

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Structure of studies

The Business Management and Regenerative Leadership programme (90 ECTS) in Lahti UAS's Master’s Degree Programme in Business Administration consists of:

1. Common advanced studies in business administration 30 ECTS
2. Elective complementary studies 30 ECTS
3. Thesis 30 ECTS

The programme is designed to be completed in two years alongside with work. There are usually two or three contact sessions per month, usually on Thursday and/or Friday 9:00 am–4:00 pm. The studies include extensive independent work, virtual studies, and a thesis in the form of a research-based development project.