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Master's Degree Programmes

Kulttuurialan koulutus (ylempi AMK), Muotoilu ja media-alan uudistava osaaminen (not translated), Muotoilija (ylempi AMK), Medianomi (ylempi AMK): 60 ECTS
Master of Culture and Arts

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Degree title and level

Master of Culture and Arts (muotoilija)
Master of Culture and Arts (medianomi)

Structure of studies

The scope of the Master’s degree in culture and arts is 60 ECTS, and the degree consists of core competence and complementary competence. The core competence includes advanced professional studies and a thesis, which help enhance transformative competence in research and development. In addition to the thesis, the student can apply the complementary, elective studies to expand and focus their competence in accordance with their personal interests. Complementary studies are offered from multiple disciplines by the Lahti University of Applied Sciences Master School programmes. International exchange programmes are also available.