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Climate Change and Sustainability (5 cr)

Code: AT00CH98-3002

General information


01.07.2022 - 04.09.2022


05.09.2022 - 11.11.2022

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Virtual portion

5 op

Mode of delivery

Distance learning


Faculty of Technology (LAB)


E-campus, Lahti

Teaching languages

  • English


0 - 50

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Sustainable Solutions Engineering


  • Jussi Kuusela
  • Pia Haapea

Scheduling groups

  • Luennot 1 (Size: 0. Open UAS: 0.)



Small groups

  • Luennot 1

Learning outcomes

The student is able to
- to understand the principles of climate change and global warming
- to understand the mechanism of greenhouse effect and its importance for life
- to know the principles of circular economy
- to understand impacts of the use of natural resources to sustainability and climate change, resources, nature depletion
- the meaning of the Sustainable Development Goals

Implementation and methods of teaching

This course is Online course, containing 1 lecture sessions in Zoom. Most part of the work is done due to the individual assignments and online exams.

Timing and attendance

This course is virtual course, containing 1 lecture sessions (á about 3 * 45 min). The first lecture will be held in ZOOM on Tuesday 6.9.2022. The more detailed schedule will be in Course Moodle and in TimeEdit. It is recommended that student participate for the first zoom meeting where the content and implementation of the course is presented.

Learning material and recommended literature

All of the material will be delivered due to the course´s Moodle platform.

Alternative completion methods

Must be discussed with the course teachers.

Exam retakes


Learning environment

Moodle platform, lecture in ZOOM.

Student time use and work load

The total extent of this course is 5 ECTS, which will be approximately 135 hours student work. The estimated workload is divided to contain 3 ECTS (about 80 hours student work) about MOOC course called and 2 ECTS (about 50 hours) course organized on line by Helsinki University. There will also be individual preassignments (about 5 hours student work)


During the course students get an overall picture of the theory related to climate change and how has human affected on it. is a course on the basics of climate system, its change and effects of the change, how to mitigate and adapt to changing climate.

The second part ( of the course provides a solid information package on the concept of sustainable development and its ecological, social, economic and cultural dimensions, as well as the connections and tensions between them. The principles of sustainable development are linked to the 1.5 degree climate target.

The and are MOOC courses offered by Helsinki University as a part of the Finnish Climate University network

Additional information for students: previous knowledge etc._peppi

No pre-requirements

Assessment criteria

All of the assignments are judged against the learning outcomes of this course. The maximum grade of the course is 5 (min 90 p). Grade 4 will be achieved by of 80 – 89 p; 3: 70 – 79 p; 2: 60 – 69 p); 1: 50 – 59 p.

The learning diary is evaluated by teachers given attention to the content and especially how student is able to reflect ones learning. Also, the development suggestions and other feedback of the whole course are important part of the development process.

Assessment scale


Failed (0)

The student has not returned the required assignments and/or student´s competence does not meet the requirements of the course

Assessment criteria: level 1 (assessment scale 1–5)

Student can
- use the terminology related to the climate change and sustainability
- find necessary information and use it properly
- work in individual professional situations in accordance with the instructions

Assessment criteria: level 3 (assessment scale 1–5)

Student can
- show familiarity with the terminology, concepts and knowledge related to climate change and sustainability
- assess and define the need for information

Assessment criteria: level 5 (assessment scale 1–5)

Student can:
- use concepts and knowledge related to climate change and sustainability consistently
- evaluate and use different sources of information
- act in a professional situations independently and responsibly