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Your Combo - Complementary competence courses available 2019-2020 (Bachelor's), Modules of Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management available


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Modules of Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management available
Building and launching a brand
Brand Building and Launch 10
Production of Communication Material 5
Management and operation of the workplace
Workplace Skills 5
Manager's Toolkit 5
Employment Regulations 5
People – the makers of success
Human Resource Management 5
Diversity as an Organisational Asset 5
A Healthy and Responsible Organisation 5
Strategic management
Management Trends 5
Strategic management 10
Good practices in financial reporting
Bookkeeping and Balancing the Books 5
Preparing Annual Financial Statements 5
Financial Statement Analysis and Auditing 5
Taxation and financial statement planning
Value-added Taxation 5                  
Corporate Taxation and Financial Statement Planning 5
Payroll Accounting and Personal Taxation 5
Management accounting
Financial Planning and Monitoring 5
Cost Accounting and Pricing 5
Accounting to Support Business Decisions 5
Financing and investment activities
Financial Markets 5
Savings and Investments 5
Managing Funding Risks 5
Financial Management
Management Accounting 5
Corporate Finance 5
Financial Planning 5
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing 15
SME's digital marketing
SME's digital marketing 15
Customer Relationship and Sales Management
Customer Relationship Management 5
Customer Experience 5
Customer Acquisition and Service Encounter 5
Retail chain management
(Select 15 ECTS)
Retail Business Models and Marketing 5
Departmental HR and Sales Management 5
Retail Business Indicators and Management 5
International Logistisc Services
(Select 15 ECTS)
Transport and Forwarding 5
Operational Environment in International Trade 5
Customer Relationship Management 5
Customer Experience 5
Customer Acquisition and Service Encounter 5
Supply Web Development
Supply Network Development Tools 5
SAP ERP System 5
Lean Thinking and Optimisation 5
(Select 15 ECTS)
Procurement Management and Development 10
Public Contracts 5
Current and Future Trends of Supply Chain 5
International Supply Chain Management
(Select 15 ECTS)
Procurement & Production Operations Management and Development 10                  
Distribution Management and Development 10
Current and Future Trends of Supply Chain 5
Supply Web Development
Toolkit for Supply Chain Development 5                  
SAP ERP Systems 5                  
Supply Chain Optimisation and Lean Thinking 5                  
Commercialisation competence
Creating Service Concepts 5
Mass Customisation and User-Centeredness 5
Differentiation - Competitive Edge through Diversification 5
Service competence
Service Concepts 5
Changes in Consumer Behaviour 5
Developing Customer Service Skills 5
Opportunities in services
(Select 15 ECTS)
Service Processes in the Public Sector 5
Processes and Information Systems in Social and Health Care 5
Digitality in Industrial Services 5
Health Care Logistics 5                  
Leisure and Well-Being Services
International Tourism and Leisure Industry 5
Leisure in Rural Areas 5
User-Orientation in Leisure and Well-Being Experiences 5
Software business
Software Development Process 5                  
Software Productisation 5                  
Business Environment in Software Industry 5                  
Business Intelligence
Data Streams in Business 5
Effective Use of Office Applications 5
Competitive Edge through Information Systems
Digital Strategy 5
Enterprise Architecture 5
Software Procurement and Deployment 5
Getting the Most from Online Business
Online Business 5                  
Online Store Solutions 5                  
Setting up and Developing an Online Store 5                  
Customer Experience Development
Customer Experience 5                  
Measuring Customer Experience 5                  
Future Customer Paths 5                  
IT Project
Project Communication and Reporting 5                  
Real-Life IT Project and Practices 10                  
English Business Communication
English in Professional Contexts 5
Techniques and Tools for Writing 5
Persuasive Communication 5
Swedish Language Courses
Swedish for the Workplace 5
Current Issues in Business World in Swedish 5
Swedish Oral Skills 5
German Language Courses
German basics 1 5
German basics 2 5
German for the Workplace 5
Russian Language Courses
Russian Basics 1 5
Russian Basics 2 5
Russian for Business Communication 5
French Language Courses
French Basics 1 5
French Basics 2 5                  
French for the Workplace 5
Spanish Language Courses
Spanish Basics 1 5
Spanish Basics 2 5
Spanish for the workplace 5
Market Orientation
Doing Business with the Russians: Opportunities & Challenges 5
Breaking into Asian Markets 5                  
Fundamentals of Professional Selling 5                  
International Business Operations
Internationalisation Process 5
International Economics 5
International Marketing 5
Specialisation Studies
NIBS Case Competition, International Business Strategy 5
Ethics, Environment and Business 5
GetEmployed - Työllisty! 5                  
Presentation and Literacy Skills
(Select 10 ECTS)
Powerful Presentations 5
Texts for Publication 5
Finnish for Foreigners
Finnish for Foreigners 2 5
Finnish for Foreigners 3 5
Finnish for Foreigners 4 5
Real estate business specialist
Operating environment in real estate business
(Select 15 ECTS)
Real estate industry 5
Real estate legislation 5
Technical features of properties 5
Real estate brokerage and business
(Select 15 ECTS)
Marketing property and real estate agency services 4
Brokering a property 4
Brokering a housing company share 4
Preparing for the qualification test for licensed real estate agents 3
Object Oriented Programming 5
Data Storages 5
Applications Project 5
Individual courses, which are not included in any of the modules
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 543433110144.33144.33144.3336.6736.6736.67

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

Your Combo - Complementary competence courses available 2019-2020 (Bachelor's)

Modules of Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management available