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Summer studies 2019 (Bachelor's Degree Programme)


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Year of study 1
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Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management
Preparatory studies in English 3
Marketing property and real estate agency services 4
Le monde francophone - French Web course 5
Preparatory studies in mathematics, Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management 3
Effective Use of Office Applications 5
Workplace Skills 5
Tekniikan ala
Carbon neutrality and mechanical forest industry 3
Wood industry as a global business 3
Environmental legistlation, part 1 3
Sosiaali- ja terveysala
Digital flow to the services of social and health 5
Leadership and Entrepreneurship 5
Advanced Manual Therapy 5
Patient’s Clinical Examination 5
Sexual Health Promotion 5
Promoting Wellbeing with Mindfulness 5
3D animation tools 5
3D animation project 5
CAD, 3D and visualization 5
Advanced CAD 5
Working in CAD 5
Designer’s Survival Kit – Personal Branding and Negotiation Skills 5
The scale of human 5
Experimental arts workshop 5
Image editing software Adobe Photoshop 5
Sculpture 5
The Urban Environment as a Playground for the Designer 5
LAMKin yhteistarjonta
Co-designing, better urban living and wellbeing 5
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 11911939.639.639.6

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.