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Master's Degree Programme in International Business Development, Tradenomi (ylempi AMK): 90 ECTS
Master of Business Administration

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Degree title and level

Master of Business Administration

Structure of studies

International Business Development 15 ECTS
Innovative Leadership and Development 15 ECTS

The duration of the programme is 1.5 to 2.5 years. Contact days of core studies are usually limited to 2 to 3 days per month (Thursday and/or Friday 9-16) during the first study year. The contact days of complementary competence studies depend on what courses the student will study. The students can choose elective master’s level courses also in other universities.

There is plenty of challenging independent work and on-line studies in order to accommodate busy people’s professional and personal lives. The studies are rigorous and intensive but manageable.

At Lahti UAS, we have created a Master School platform that allows students to move between the fields of business, social and health care, technology and design. This form of integration supports multidisciplinary thinking. We also encourage our students to participate in student exchange.

We will assess prior course work and prior work experience to determine whether they qualify for academic credit in your degree or as additional elective study.