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Degree programme in Nursing 17M, part-time studies, Lahti


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Year of study 1 2 3 4
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Basics of good care
Expert communication 3
Information literacy 1
Evidence based nursing 6
Clinical competence in good nursing care 5
Medical competence 1 5
Good chronic care
Competence in cronic nursing care 5  
Competence in mental health and substance abuse work 5 5  
Competence in health promotion 2  
English Language and Communication 3  
Medical competence 2 5  
Good care in acute care
Good acute care 5  
Critical thinking and problem-solving skills 5  
Interaction and guidance skills 5  
Medical competence 3 5  
Good nursing care in different life stages
Family nursing care 2    
Children's and young people's nursing care 5    
Elderly nursing care 5    
Swedish: written communication 1.5    
Swedish: oral communication 1.5    
Well-being services development
Leadership, supervision and the workplace organisation 5    
Take Hold - entrepreneurial competence 5    
Research and development competence 5    
Thesis expertise 1 5    
Thesis expertise 2 5      
Thesis expertise 3 5      
Clinical Practice: General and specialist medicine 10                                                                
Clinical practice: General and specialist surgery 10                                                                
Clinical practice: Child care and paediatrics 7                                                                
Clinical practice: Maternity care 1                                                                
Clinical Practice: Mental health and psychiatry 10                                                                
Clinical practice: Care of the old and geriatrics 8                                                                
Clinical Practice: Home nursing 10                                                                
Practice 9                                                                
(Select 15 ECTS)
(Select 15 ECTS)
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 204035102020201520556.676.676.676.676.676.676.676.676.675556.676.676.671.671.671.671.671.671.67

The curriculum has been planned so that the student completes 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

Spring 2017 starts part-time studies in nursing. In Lahti University of Applied Sciences the structure of the curriculum is as follows:
Basic studies, professional studies, clinical studies (75 ECTS), thesis (15 ECTS), and complementary studies (30 ECTS), which include elective studies (15 ECTS).
The curriculum is module based, which each are 30 ECTS. Each module include 5-15 ECTS courses.

The focus in this degree programme is in good client centered care. The studies focus on the different age, acutely and chronically ill clients in nursing care. Central themes are clinical nursing, decision-making, supervisory and teaching skills, ethics and professionalism, the promotion of health and functional capacity, management and entrepreneurship.