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Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Wood Technology, Insinööri (AMK): 240 ECTS
Bachelor of Engineering

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Course Structure Diagram

Degree title and level

Bachelor of Engineering

Structure of studies

Structure of studies, 240 ECTS
The curriculum of the Bachelor of Engineering programme at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences consists of core competence (180 ECTS credits) and complementary competence (60 ECTS credits). The core competence consists of the core competence shared by all Lahti University of Applied Sciences students (25 ECTS credits), professional core competence (110 ECTS credits) as well as practice (30 ECTS credits) and thesis (15 ECTS credits). Complementary competence can consist of engineering courses, multidisciplinary path studies or other competence supporting one’s professional growth. The curriculum is based on modules of 10–25 ECTS credits each. The modules are divided into courses of 3–5 ECTS credits each.
Study models of the flexible daytime programme in wood technology
Flexible completion of wood technology studies is possible. You can select from one of the two methods based on your work experience or life situation. The scheduling of both study models is the same, and they are share the same learning objectives.
The daytime programme follows a more traditional teaching model, in which competence grows by working together in groups and completing learning assignments, for example.
In the flexible model, the study progress is more student-specific and based on independent work and online assignments. Contact sessions are realised in the form of intensive periods. For example, at the beginning of the studies, there is one week and later, approximately two days per month.


Tutustu opintojen rakenteeseen ja sisältökuvauksiin Opetussuunnitelmat-välilehdellä. Opinnot-välilehdelle on koottu koulutukseen liittyvät ajankohtaiset toteutukset. Täydentävän osaamisen opetustarjonta on koottu erilliseen opetussuunnitelmaan, jonka löydät opinto-oppaan päävalikosta. (not translated)