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Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Visual Communication (2017, 2018, 2019), Medianomi (AMK): 240 ECTS
Bachelor of Culture and Arts

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Degree title and level

Bachelor of Culture and Arts

Structure of studies

The degree programme carries 240 ECTS points and consists of core competence and subject-specific complementary competence. Core competence consists of Lahti UAS common core studies (25 ECTS), professional studies in visual communication (110 ECTS), a work placement period (30 ECTS) and a thesis project (15 ECTS). These studies provide the knowledge and skills base and expertise required for the degree. Complementary competence studies (60 ECTS) consist of elective path studies and other professional studies that enable you to expand and focus your expertise according to your personal career interests.
You will develop your professional core competence primarily through professional studies, which may include joint modules with other visual communication and design studies. You will progress from the basics in the first year through to more advanced knowledge and skills specific to your chosen field.
As the programme involves learning by doing, a proactive approach is essential. You will learn to use equipment (cameras, software, etc.) and develop individual expression.
You will develop advanced competence in your chosen area through elective complementary modules. Complementary studies can be chosen from the offerings of the Institute of Design and other Lahti UAS faculties as well as those of other HEIs. You will choose specialisation options based on your personal study plan drawn up with your tutor.
You will develop your professional profile during a work placement period during which you will work at an external organisation, as an independent professional or in projects organised by Lahti UAS. The programme is characterised by multidisciplinary learning environments and close cooperation with the industry. You will develop the necessary skills and knowledge required by visual communication roles by completing practical design projects. Many of our design projects are commissioned by industry partners, which ensures that our students gain invaluable insight into industry processes and practices.


Tutustu opintojen rakenteeseen ja sisältökuvauksiin Opetussuunnitelmat-välilehdellä. Opinnot-välilehdelle on koottu koulutukseen liittyvät ajankohtaiset toteutukset. Täydentävän osaamisen opetustarjonta on koottu erilliseen opetussuunnitelmaan, jonka löydät opinto-oppaan päävalikosta. (not translated)