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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Business, Tradenomi (AMK): 210 ECTS
Bachelor of Business Administration

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Course Structure Diagram

Degree title and level

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Structure of studies

The core competence equips you for a range of professional roles and the complementary competence comprises areas of study that develop your chosen areas of expertise. These competences form your professional profile.
LAMK’s Shared Core Competence 25 ECTS
Language and Communication Studies 10 ECTS
Professional Development, 5 ECTS
Entrepreneurship and Development 5 ECTS
Foresight 5 ECTS
Professional Growth 65 ECTS
Projects in Development of Business 15 ECTS
Project Management 5 ECTS
Digital Skills and Branding Oneself 10 ECTS
Business Models and Processes 20 ECTS
Supply Networks as Business Developers 5 ECTS
Financial management 5 ECTS
Management 5 ECTS
Customer Relationships and Marketing 5 ECTS
From Idea to Business 15 ECTS
Business Environment 6 ECTS
Successful Business 9 ECTS
Global Approach to Business 15 ECTS
Global Communication in Business 5 ECTS
Presentation and Public Speaking Skills 5 ECTS
Global Business Opportunities 5 ECTS
Practice, 30 ECTS
Thesis 15 ECTS
Business Administration Studies
Multidisciplinary shared courses with the fields of Design, Technology and Social and Health Care


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